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Student Affairs is currently upgrading and migrating our Kronos instance from on-premise to the cloud. Our current Kronos on-premise instance uses Adobe Flash to access the website (looking at time cards, web punches, etc). Until the migration is complete, Kronos users (managers, web-punch folks) will need to use the Harman web browser to access Kronos. This is due to Adobe, Chrome, and Firefox removing support for the Adobe Flash Player. This browser can be installed on personal devices and is available on-demand on University computer

The Harman browser needs to be installed first before it can be used. Instructions for those can be found at the bottom of the page.

How to launch the Harman web browser and access Kronos

  1. Open start menu

  2. Type Harman and click on the Harman browser
  3. The Harman browser will open and look like this
  4. Type in the search bar in the middle of the screen

      1. you could also type in the top address bar
  5. Kronos should normally after this

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions - Harman web browser on personal computers

  1. Download the Harman web browser installer from:
    1. Can't find the download?
      1. Check the downloads folder in Windows
      2. Firefox and Chrome will show their downloaded files by doing a Ctrl+ J on the keyboard
  2. Run and install software with the default options 

      1. it is also okay to select "Install for all users of this machine"

  3. The Harman web browser should be located in the start menu after this

Installation Instructions - Harman web browser on university computers

  1. Open the start menu
    1.  (located on the bottom left of screen or press the windows key on the keyboard)

  2. Type "software center" and click the Software Center program when it shows up

  3. When the software center opens up, click applications (located on the left pane) and then click Harman Browser (Kronos)

  4. Click Install 
  5.  The Harman web browser should be located in the start menu after this

 As always, Student Affairs Technology can assist with any of this by submitting a ticket or sending an email to

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