If you are receiving an error when trying to login to Box then please submit a ticket with us at service.sa.uic.edu

  1. Open up a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari

  2. Enter "box.uic.edu" into the Address Bar and press enter

  3. If this is your first time accessing box you will have to activate your Box account. You can do so by clicking on "Cloud Dashboard". If it's not your first time you can skip to step 6.

  4. Sign in with your UIC credentials.

  5. Set your "Account Status" to "On". It may take a little bit for it to change to "On". Just refresh the page if it doesn't change to "On" right away.

  6. You can now close out of the and go back to the original login screen.

  7. Press "Continue" located under "Part of University of Illinois?"

  8. Select "University of Illinois at Chicago" and press "Select"

  9. Enter your NetID and password then press "Log in"

  10. Box will load in and show you an overview of your files